What enables this success is our powerful, competent, and committed Team. These dedicated professionals have spent years building their competence to better serve you.

Executive Team
Chris Majer, Founder

Chris Majer is an entrepreneur and social innovator. He is a former Rugby player with a Masters Degree. In 1981 he founded the first iteration of HP2. Beginning with athletes and the military, the company soon began working with corporate clients, generating remarkable results. Under his leadership, the firm grew from a startup to a company of over 100 professionals working globally. Chris was the principal architect of transformational projects for such corporate clients as AT&T, Cargill, Microsoft, Intel, EDS, Allianz, Itron, and Capital One. He has studied with Shamans, mystics, and somatic practitioners. He is the author of some 20 white papers and The Power to Transform. He is a former member of the National Board for The Breakthrough Foundation, a national organization working with at-risk youth. He was Chairman of the Board of the Mobius Science Center and has worked on a number of community projects.

Executive Team
Operations and Development Team
Peter Yaholkovsky, Director of Projects and Innovation

Peter Yaholkovsky trained in mechanical engineering and is a physician, board certified in Internal Medicine. He has also been certified as Master Somatic Coach, with a special interest in developing the emotional skills for building trust in relationships characterized by power differentials. Dr. Yaholkovsky brings over two decades experience as a coach. He currently specializes in coaching managers and executives in coordination, communication, and trust. He has studied with Dr. Fernando Flores, a pioneer in the linguistic foundations of action and relationships. He has worked internationally in a broad range of industries with clients such as Citibank, ABN-AMRO, TransAlta Utilities, Nova, and Capital One.  Peter joined the HP2 Team in 1998.

Executive Team
Operations and Development Team
Vibhuti Jha, Senior Advisor - Strategy and Corporate Development

As Senior Advisor for Strategy and Corporate Development he specializes in developing clients towards installing performance based culture and practice in work place and life styles. These practices produce effective results leading to establishment of sustainable embodiment of competence that transforms and brings about a change in the way CEO's operate their teams in the organizations they manage. This goal is accomplished via developing teams, creating new processes of Learning and by instituting the holistic practices of Commitment Based Management. He has a Masters in International Management from IMI, India - ffiliate of former International Management Institute, Geneva and has a Masters Degree in Economics from Gokhale Institute of Politics & Economics, Poona University, Poona with specialization in International Economics.

Joel Kimmel, Coaching Manager 

Joel Kimmel brings over 25 years expertise in coaching to HP2. His career has been focused on the fundamental elements of Language and the Interactive Process that gives people the ability to access and live a life of authentic satisfaction and engagement.  People come together around a co-designed vision that allows each person to express themselves fully.  As his work unfolds, people find themselves willing to take on challenging conversation with a renewed sense of confidence, trust, and understanding. Life becomes an opportunity to live your dreams fully in a world that you see as your  playground.

Whether he is meeting with executives in the Board Room or interacting with Teens, Joel's commitment to each person's success is always present. Joel has extensive experience coaching start-ups, franchisees, small businesses, and international companies. His coaching practice has included work with Cole National, Turning Points Inc., Left on Elm Street, BizFutures, and Allianz. While with BizFutures, Mr. Kimmel was the senior consultant to Pike Place Fish, training organizations in the underlying principles behind the "Fish Philosophy."  He has been with HP2 since 2005.
Executive Team

Executive Team
Kim Loop, Director of Deployment

Kim has been engaged in the training and professional development profession for over 25 years, covering a wide range of positions including logistics, operations, senior management, facilitator and senior coach. He brings ambition and resolve to addressing client concerns through collaboratively designed initiatives that lead to meaningful and lasting results in support of individual and organizational performance. His guiding intention is to leave clients with the embodied capacity for sustainable high-performance and the ability to design their own individual and organizational challenge solutions. In addition to his length of experience, Kim has a masters in Organizational Leadership with a focus of using design theory and whole systems thinking for intervening with human systems. He currently lives "in the country" east of Seattle, Washington and uses gardening, carpentry, wilderness camping and yoga to ground and renew himself. Kim has been with HP2 since 1987.

Paul Templer

"We are the sum of our choices; we are who, what, and where we choose to be in life!" ~Dr. B. Ncube Paul earned a Professional (river) Safari Guide License from the Zimbabwe Department of National Parks and Wildlife Management. He has been the subject of documentaries produced by the Discovery Channel, National Geographic, and the BBC. In addition, Paul is an experienced coach with a broad background in fast-paced, highly competitive industries in a wide range of environments. He's worked with the likes of General Motors , US Bank, Scottish and Southern Energy, US Army and US Marines to name a few.

Paul specializes in developing high-performance leaders and teams and in business process design. Recently he has been leveraging experiential learning to deliver unprecedented results for organizations in the area of cultural and change management. Paul has studied and worked with leaders in the fields of communication and cultural change. He received special training in communications from the British Army as well as training in corporate coaching with Business Design Associates. Paul has been with HP2 since 2005. He describes working with HP2 this way: "I like the opportunity to be a catalyst for productive change in people's lives, supporting them in their journey to embody new competencies, find new ways to live with dignity, and to move more powerfully in their lives. I see the work we do as being part of the global solution for many of the challenges our world faces." Paul continues to lead expeditions as well as supporting the philanthropic work of his nonprofit, The Templer Foundation. He is also an internationally known keynote speaker.
Executive Team

Dan Haygeman, M.A.

Dan Haygeman has been coaching executives and upper-management professionals in North America and Europe for more than twenty years. Dan completed his Master's Degree in Psychology, with honors, at Pepperdine University. He then became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of California and was a Clinical Member of the American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy until he shifted his professional focus from therapy to high-performance coaching and facilitation. He has completed the two-year 'Professional Mastery' program at Rancho Strozzi Institute and is certified at the Expert Level in the Harrison Assessment System. Mr. Haygeman uses the highly sophisticated Harrison behavioral assessment as a cornerstone of his work with individual clients and work teams. Dan has worked with individuals and work teams in a wide range of organizations including, AT&T, Octel Communications, British Columbia Ferries, Capital One, The Boeing Company, and The University of Washington. Dan lives in Bellingham, Washington with his wife, Nancy, a professional fine artist. He has 4 young-adult step-children and enjoys running, bicycling, photography and flying his radio-controlled helicopter (whenever weather permits).  Dan has been a part of HP2 since 1988.

Frank Hackney, Trainer and Coach

For the past 13 years, Frank Hackney has worked as a coach, facilitator and strategy development consultant to clients. His coaching and facilitation engagements include Capital One, NASA, BARDA (Biomedical Countermeasures area of US Dept. HHS), Itron, Allianz and the National Student Clearinghouse. He has facilitated graduate level Group Dynamics and Team Learning for the School of Public Policy, George Mason University, and leads philanthropic team building and process improvement programs for organizations around the country. Frank has a post-graduate degree in Organizational Development and Knowledge Management, and is certified by the Newfield Network as an ontological coach. Frank joined the HP2 Team in 2005.

Carlie Casey, Coach

Dr. Carlie Casey brings 40 years of executive coaching and organizational consulting to the HP2 Team. Earning his doctorate from the University of Colorado in 1975, he spent the next twelve years as a professor of counseling psychology and family therapy, training clinicians and coaches at universities in the USA, Australia and Europe. In addition, he maintained a small, research-oriented clinical practice and a very busy consulting practice. From 1987 through 2004, Dr. Casey was in full-time clinical practice and owner/manager of a multi-specialty group clinical practice in Bellingham, Washington, while continuing in the training and supervision of clinicians in a number of adjunct faculty appointments. In 2004, he retired from clinical practice to devote himself full-time to management consulting and executive coaching. The common thread throughout his teaching and coaching career is Dr. Casey's laser-like focus in helping people unlearn their learned limitations, to take the next step in their chosen path. When not working, Dr. Casey is active as an athlete and outdoorsman, especially in ski racing, mountaineering, cycling and kayaking. Having worked as a ski instructor, rock climbing instructor and mountain guide, he remains active in Nordic skiing as a race official both domestically and internationally. His favorite activity is hut-to-hut ski touring in Scandinavia.  Carley has been part of the HP2 Team since 2005.

Tom Lutes, Coach

Tom Lutes has been a consultant, program leader and coach for 39 years, working intimately with individuals and groups from diverse populations - the most at risk inner city youth to the most successful senior executives in large corporations, union workers to entrepreneurs. In corporate education, Tom pioneered the integration of a new paradigm of thinking with cutting edge outdoor training. This method of reinforcing classroom learning with physical challenges has been adapted for use all over the world in cultural change initiatives. Tom is widely known for his expertise in leading large-scale culture transformation training initiatives, developing leaders and building high performance, cross-functional teams which produce consistent outstanding results.

Tom’s corporate training experience includes work with organizations such as Allianz Life, Anderson Consulting, AT&T, BHP Billiton, Cargill, Capital One, Cathay Pacific Airlines, DeBeers, Debswana, Detroit Edison, Dupont, Finning, Lockheed Martin, McKinsey, MGM Grand, Pillsbury, Frito Lay, The Executive Committee, Intel, RNA Bank, Rabo AgriFinance, Loblaw Companies, and many more.

Tom’s work has involved over 200,000 people and been delivered in many cultures and countries beyond the United States, including Canada, Russia, Japan, China, Malaysia, England, Greece, Mexico and Botswana Africa.

Jason Swain, Coach

Jason Swain is an Executive Coach at the Human Potential Project and brings over 14 years of professional experience in organization development, training, executive & corporate coaching. He is also an instructor in the MBA program at Gonzaga University teaching students how to create and sustain high performing teams. His personal experiences as a manager in both the non-profit and for-profit sectors enable him to realistically and compassionately guide his students and clients.

Jason has brought his experience and expertise to mid- to large-size, publicly held companies, non-profit organizations, higher education institutions and government agencies. Jason's clients have included American Express, American Red Cross, Ford Motor Company, Gonzaga University, Iams Pet Foods, LensCrafters, Nationwide Insurance, Procter and Gamble, Samuel Adams Brewery, Seattle University, The Kroger Company, United States Air Force, Young Presidents' Organization (YPO) and many others.  Jason is one of HP2's newest Team members since 2010.

Brian Green, Coach

Brian Green is passionate about helping individuals see the possibilities within themselves and recognize the powerful value of connecting with their Teams, Community and Planet. He has over 18 years of experience developing high performing teams.

A member of the HP2 Team since 2005, Brian is a somatic and ontological coach trained through the Newfield Network. He has extensive technical and safety training as a challenge course practitioner and builder and is a Wilderness First Responder.

Brian has worked with corporate and non-profit clients, adults and youth in locations around the World. He specializes in designing and facilitating creative and engaging trainings focusing on Leadership and High Performance. He is grounded in the adventurous model of Experiential Learning, coaching individuals and Teams to take risks and design practices to break through their fears and barriers.

When he's not in the work, Brian enjoys traveling, swimming in the sea, being outside more than inside and playing guitar in his rock & roll band.

Tyson Young

Tyson has been a Logistics Supervisor, supporting the flow of successful events since 2005. Tyson genuinely has a good time helping those around him, and loves doing what he can to make events seamlessly successful. Tyson has a natural yes-can-do persona and always brings a light and fun energy everywhere he goes. Tyson's passions include playing and teaching tennis, snowboarding, writing, and performing standup comedy. Tyson currently lives in Port Angeles, WA, where he enjoys clean air and the great outdoors.  Tyson joined HP2 in 2007.
Production Team

Conference Delivery Team
Larry Burback, Lead Trainer

Larry is a lead trainer engaging with clients in the classroom and in the outdoor laboratory. With a focus on physical awareness, effective communication, and teambuilding, Larry has over 30 years of experience in training individuals, teams and organizations to achieve high performance. Over the course of his career Larry has personally worked with thousands of individuals in both large and small group workshops and one-on-one coaching sessions.

A life-long athlete, Larry competed in college football, rugby, the rodeo circuit, marathons, and triathlons, having finished more than eighty, including twelve Ironman competitions. Larry lives in Seattle, Washington with his wife Mary, loves Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix and Erik Clapton - and refuses to tiptoe through life to arrive at death safely. Larry is one of the original HP2 Team members since 1983.
“Fortunes are not made in boom times. . . that is merely the collection period. Fortunes are made in depressions or lean times when the wise man overhauls his mind, his methods, his resources, and gets in training for the race to come.”
G. W. Bacon